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Recruitment and hiring

Does your recruitment process give candidates a real feel for what makes you an employer of choice? If you were in a candidate’s shoes, would you walk away because you had no clear sense of what makes your company such a great employer?

Just like good employees are always in demand, so too are good employers. The problem is that in an industry, or economy, where skills are scarce, the best workers have their pick of employers. And that’s where I come in.

I help companies tailor their recruitment and hiring process to champion diversity, be high-touch and candidate-focused while simultaneously reflecting your employee value proposition.


How a company welcomes a new employee into not only their role but also your company culture is critical. How well those first few days are structured and paced captures an employee’s heart and imagination and determines long-term engagement.

I come alongside HR and technical departments, helping them develop lean and scalable onboarding programmes that will help your new talent hit the ground running.

Millennials in the workplace

In 2020, millennials and post-millenials will make up more than half our work force. Understanding and empowering this generation is simply non-negotiable if you want your organisation to survive.

I’ve managed millennials for all of my management career, and would love to help you empower what some are saying is the most entrepreneurial generation yet.


Leadership coaching

People leave companies when managers don’t lead well. The relationship between your front-line managers and their direct reports is the most important ingredient to retaining your best workers. After all, like John Maxwell says, “Everything rises and falls on leadership”.

Top workers tend to be self-motivated; they don’t need to be controlled or micro-managed, they want to be inspired to give their best, time and time again. And that’s why leadership is so key – they need to be the ones doing the inspiring so that your teams can achieve those crazy goals.

I love helping millennial managers understand what it takes to be a leader who inspires.

Management 101

It’s tough being pulled in two directions: giving upper management what they want and meeting the needs of your direct reports. Learning how to balance the expectations of these two groups will help you get into your flow so you can thrive.

I coach front-line managers in how to: select the right person for the team or project, set expectations, manage up and down, and motivate and develop talent in such a way that everyone wants to join your team.

Scaling healthy teams

Most work environments today require cross-functional and agile teams. This is where team dynamics jump to the fore, especially as members come and go. Any team lead will tell you that when it’s crunch time, a healthy team is fundamental to the project’s success.

I coach team leads and front-line managers to develop inclusive and mature teams, and avoid the five dysfunctions of unhealthy teams.


Find your Why

Fulfillment is not a feeling reserved for a lucky few who get to say, “I love what I do”. Once you understand why you do what you do, you’ll be able to make career decisions that’ll help you be happy with what you do.

Inspired by Simon Sinek, I take individuals on a half-day journey to discover and articulate what truly motivates them.

Make a career move

Everyone should have at least one person whom they trust and use as a soundboard for big career and life decisions.

Having worked with dozens of employees to understand and articulate themselves, and then figure out how to be strategic, I know what it takes to take your next step to a fulfilling career. I love getting to know people and mentoring them through challenging career decisions.

Develop interpersonal skills

I believe that emotional intelligence, commonly ascribed to highly successful people, can be developed.

I coach individuals on how to understand their strengths (the CliftonStrengths assessment is brilliant) and tactfully act upon their self- and social awareness in order to have more positive work and life interactions.

A tailored programme.
So you’re empowered.

If you ever wanted a summary of how I work, that’s it. An initial meeting or telephone call helps me understand your situation so that I can pull together a proposal that has clear objectives and timelines, tailored to your particular goals and challenges.

I find that generally, companies get the most benefit and the most staying power when I come alongside them on an ongoing monthly basis for an initial 6-month period. That said, various aspects of what I offer can be implemented on a project basis, as well as at a daily rate with on-site facilitation.

  • Xolisa
    Philip analyses where there is common ground between an employer’s culture and an applicant’s strengths, and then delivers a candid assessment to both parties about ‘fit’. For the first time, I felt like I was dealing with an actual human being rather than someone of seniority who was just looking for another employee.
    QE Analyst, Entersekt
  • Hannes
    Philip knows what makes millennials tick. I've seen him coach inexperienced front-line managers to build (and double) healthy, highly collaborative teams that are intrinsically motivated.
    Former VP of Software Engineering, Entersekt
  • Numrata
    Philip has a deep understanding of how to build great social culture within an organisation. He knows how to create an environment that is conducive to the success of each unique individual.
    Software Developer, Oracle
  • Mujtaba
    Playing any sport at a college or professional level requires discipline and hard work, and so was the case playing cricket for Chaparrals, at the College of DuPage. Thanks to Philip, the experience was one I will cherish for the rest of my life. Philip’s exemplary leadership qualities allowed 15 guys from different parts of the world play not only as one team, but above all play for each other. It is my honour to call Philip my mentor and a friend.
    Former team mate, Chaparrals Cricket Club
  • Willem
    I experience Philip as very focused and energetic, caring deeply for people, and getting things done in an effective and organised way. This makes him a trustworthy leader and partner who will always push you to the next level.
    Chief Growth Architect, Bluepeaks
  • Riaan
    Philip always goes out of his way to help, mentor and grow people. He identified and helped me to get the software architecture role I always wanted.
    Architect Evangelist, Entersekt

My goal?
To help you build a culture where the very best thrive.