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I read an awful lot today about company culture. Can focusing on it really bring a competitive advantage?

Some of the most successful companies put their company’s culture front and centre of their business strategy. Think Google or Facebook or any of the world’s top employers. This is not a project, or a fad, but a mindset that is critical to the long-term success of your company, particularly in an industry (or economy) where good workers have their pick of companies.

What benefits could I see if I focus my company and my leadership team on deliberately building culture?

Greater employee satisfaction for starters – which’ll lead to higher productivity. Your teams will want to go above and beyond without being asked, simply because they’re invested – they own their work. And all this means less turnover, stronger teams and better results.

You make it sound simple. Do I really need Culture Advantage?

Well, if diet and exercise was so easy, then why do so many of us still hire a trainer or a nutritionist? Most of us understand what’s needed, but we need help with the execution. With a proven process to follow, guidance to help when you get stuck or frustrated, accountability to keep pushing, and someone to celebrate the progress made, it makes sense to hire a culture “trainer”.

My company is a small start-up. Can Culture Advantage help a company of my size develop a strong company culture? 

Absolutely! Cultures are often strongest when they are intentionally defined early in a company’s life. Your culture becomes the foundation by which you’ll select and hire people, strategise and adjust to external factors, and protect your sense of purpose.

Large companies may want help in redefining and redirecting their corporate culture, with the added challenge of steering a larger ship in a new direction.

I think my company needs a culture change. What factors will help us be successful in the midst of such a change? 

Culture is cultivated. From being able to identify the advantages of your company culture to actively encouraging those strengths, a company’s leadership has to be on board. Companies have the best chance of success when they are guided by a top leader who recognises and pursues the advantages of a strong culture. And, those leaders are secure and sufficiently self-aware to change their own behaviour (when necessary) to nurture the culture their company needs.

How do you charge for your services?

Companies receive the greatest benefits when they engage Culture Advantage on an ongoing, monthly basis for an initial 6-month term. Based on your specific needs, I can either work alongside your team, in the office, or off-site as a consultant. Individual services can also be implemented on a project basis, or at a daily rate with on-site facilitation.

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