Some insight.

Are you in demand as an employer? Are you attracting, and retaining, South Africa’s best talent? If you’re not sure, then you’ll like this post that explains how you can develop your competitive edge.

Reflecting on an inspiring week of learning in the Windy City. Excited about bringing these skills to South Africa.

Just because you have a diverse team doesn’t mean you’ll outperform your homogenous competitors. You’ll only be able to leverage your team’s unique skills if you’re culturally intelligent.

I firmly believe hiring and recruiting are an opportunity to put together a team of awesome individuals who will give your business an edge. There are three things companies need to get right in order to recruit a strong team…

In a global economy, we deal with employees, suppliers and clients from all over the world. Cultural sensitivity and awareness alone is not enough to remain efficient and effective. Your teams, especially your leaders, need to be equipped to apply this knowledge.



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