Hi, I’m Philip!

People fascinate me. Actually, it’s probably more accurate to say that understanding why people do what they do in the context of a team – that’s what intrigues me. This curiosity informs how I manage teams, how I view organisations, and even, how I (try to) help my family – a topic for another day!

It all started
with cricket

Back in 2003, when I was a student in Chicago, I started a cricket club made up of the most diverse, eclectic group of people you can imagine. People who wouldn’t ordinarily want to play on the same team. And then, boom!, our team won the league championship in only our second year. We didn’t win because we had the most talent or experience, but because I knew that if we unlocked each person’s potential and learned to worked together as a team, we would achieve our audacious goal.

As a people manager in the tech industry, I’ve helped teams scale and stay healthy. I’ve seen first-hand how a culture without politics and confusion can inspire employees to perform and achieve beyond their individual contributions. I’ve also seen the reverse: how a lack of leadership destroys a positive culture along with a team’s motivation and engagement.

“And this destroys a company’s competitive edge.”

In this world, where more easily than ever before, a competitor can copy your products, recruit away your people, and clone your business model, an organisation’s culture is its last sustainable, competitive advantage.* This personal revelation played a big part in my “retirement” from Software Engineering as a manager. Because what got me out of bed in the morning was not so much the technology nor the software products, but the teams I built and the energy we created together.

Now, I’m on a mission to help companies

1) Attract the best talent, and

2) Help those talented people thrive so they stay.

Less turnover, stronger teams, better results.



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