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 I’m on a mission to help companies do what it takes to grow healthy cultures. Because motivated employees mean stronger teams, improved retention and better results.


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The Why

Less staff turnover and better results

Southwest Airlines, Google, Harley Davidson, Costco, Virgin and Apple – global names, for a reason. And not because of their products or their business savvy or their marketing campaigns, but because of…

Employee fulfillment. Driven by corporate culture.

Because this is where these culture leaders have found their sustainable edge, and where you can, too.

  • Xolisa
    Philip analyses where there is common ground between an employer’s culture and an applicant’s strengths, and then delivers a candid assessment to both parties about ‘fit’. For the first time, I felt like I was dealing with an actual human being rather than someone of seniority who was just looking for another employee.
    QE Analyst, Entersekt
  • Hannes
    Philip knows what makes millennials tick. I've seen him coach inexperienced front-line managers to build (and double) healthy, highly collaborative teams that are intrinsically motivated.
    Former VP of Software Engineering, Entersekt
  • Numrata
    Philip has a deep understanding of how to build great social culture within an organisation. He knows how to create an environment that is conducive to the success of each unique individual.
    Software Developer, Oracle
  • Mujtaba
    Playing any sport at a college or professional level requires discipline and hard work, and so was the case playing cricket for Chaparrals, at the College of DuPage. Thanks to Philip, the experience was one I will cherish for the rest of my life. Philip’s exemplary leadership qualities allowed 15 guys from different parts of the world play not only as one team, but above all play for each other. It is my honour to call Philip my mentor and a friend.
    Former team mate, Chaparrals Cricket Club
  • Willem
    I experience Philip as very focused and energetic, caring deeply for people, and getting things done in an effective and organised way. This makes him a trustworthy leader and partner who will always push you to the next level.
    Chief Growth Architect, Bluepeaks
  • Riaan
    Philip always goes out of his way to help, mentor and grow people. He identified and helped me to get the software architecture role I always wanted.
    Architect Evangelist, Entersekt

You can expect

I do what I say I’ll do

I do what I say I’ll do. Building trust is key to any relationship, and it starts with follow through.

Diversity and inclusivity
I know from experience that when individuals are invited to be themselves (inclusivity), their different backgrounds and perspectives (diversity) result in winning teams. I’ll help you identify cultural habits that promote these two values.

It isn’t easy modelling vulnerability, but this is something for which I strive because it creates a safe place. My experiences can help you overcome the 5 dysfunctions to which teams are prone.

I don’t want to be a bottleneck. I want to help you take ownership of your space and grow without me. I help your frontline mangers empower their team members to be the leaders they are in their particular spheres of influence.

I don’t believe in doing a shoddy job, nor should you. I help you identify the critical areas of performance and align teams to achieve your goals.

I believe that healthy workplaces can have a ripple effect across people’s lives, affecting nations and economies. With such an audacious belief, I’ve got to have grit. I help individuals and teams identify what drives you so that what you do is aligned with your passions.

My goal?
I want to help you mature your organisation so that it can run on its own steam, empowered by thriving individuals who love the teams they’re part of.